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Q)  What would you like pet owners in the Lehigh Valley area to know about you?
A)  Our pet food program, Ani-Meals On Wheels, is a service strictly provided to older and disabled adults to whom we provide daily meals. It is not a service offered to the general public. Those who qualify are clients in financial need or they are unable to shop for pet food.

Q)  Are there other organizations in the Lehigh Valley that provide the same services as you?
A)  We are the only organization that serves homebound older and disabled adults who receive meal assistance and also require pet food for their pets. We maintain meal contracts with Meals On Wheels of Lehigh County and Monroe County and provide pet food to them for distribution to their clients.

Q)  Is there anything unique about your organization?
A)  The unique aspects of our organization include the fact that we are primarily focused on providing meal assistance and nutrition to seniors by way of meal delivery and a grocery shopping service called "Food Line".

Q)  How are you funded?
A)  Our funding is targeted to help cover the cost of meals for clients with financial need which is determined by the government poverty guidelines and a sliding scale fee system. Government meal assistance is derived from a variety of sources, primarily through the Area Agency on Aging in Northampton County. Fundraising focuses on The Meal Subsidy Program which helps to raise funds that are needed to fill the gap between what a client is unable to afford and the amount that Government fails to cover. This amount will total $500,000 this fiscal year.

Q)  Do you take donations?
A)  Yes we accept financial and product donations to support Ani-Meals On Wheels. We obtain donated pet food and contributions to help cover the cost of gasoline for volunteers to deliver the pet food to clients, to cover the cost of items that clients need for their pets as well as to purchase bird food and cat litter for which are donated.

Q)  What kind of donations do you accept and/or need?
A)  We accept donations of pet food for cats, dogs, birds, parrots, fish and rabbits. We currently feed 45 cats, 25 dogs, 7 birds and 1 rabbit. We are always in need of bird food and cat litter. We also appreciate items for pets such as food bowls, collars, dog license fees, leashes, toys etc. Gifts of cash help us to purchase items and reimburse volunteers for mileage when they request it as well as help to cover the cost of pet care.

Q)  Do you have a policy to deal with pet owners who have an inability to pay for
A)  Services provided by "Ani-Meals On Wheels" to our clients are free, supported by donations.