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Q)  What would you like pet owners in the Lehigh Valley area to know about you?
A)  We are a true no kill shelter. We do not put down animals unless a vet determines that the animal is in pain.

Q)  Are there other organizations in the Lehigh Valley that provide the same services as you?
A)  Some, they say that they will not kill any adoptable pet, we go farther and try to find a home for every animal.

Q)  Is there anything unique about your organization?
A)  Our organization is managed by volunteers and receive no pay. All income goes directly to the animals.

Q)  How are you funded?
A)  Fundraise, and we do not accept any grants.

Q)  Do you take donations?
A)  Yes.

Q)  What kind of donations do you accept and/or need?
A)  Money, food, litter, paper towels.

Q)  Do you have a policy to deal with pet owners who have an inability to pay for
A)  Our services do not require money.