Northern Breed Dog Rescue (Click here to go back to the main shelter page)

Q)  What would you like pet owners in the Lehigh Valley area to know about you?
A)  Harnessed to hope northern breed dog rescue is a solo non profit organization, dedicated to rescuing and rehoming northern breed dogs. We operate in Eastern PA, DE, and MD.

Q)  Are there other organizations in the Lehigh Valley that provide the same services as you?
A)  No.

Q)  Is there anything unique about your organization?
A)  We are unique because we not only take in pure bred northern breeds but also their mixes.

Q)  How are you funded?
A)  All by donations.

Q)  Do you take donations?
A)  Yes.

Q)  What kind of donations do you accept and/or need?
A)  Money, flea and tick medicine, crates, leashes, collars, toys, treats, dog training, blankets, dog beds, gift cards, grooming supplies, office supplies, etc...

Q)  Do you have a policy to deal with pet owners who have an inability to pay for
A)  N/A