Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Members' Only section of the LVVMA website. This portion of the website can only be viewed by veterinarians and technicians who are current members.

Here we will post our calendar of events, links to outside events that may be of interest to you, links to sites for educational or professional development, an email address to which you can address comments or questions, relevant news items, etc.

This is YOUR site - please give us suggestions and feedback of how to make it best serve the needs of our veterinary community.

We are very excited to have this opportunity to bring together all of our members, to promote communication within our professional group, and to present ourselves as a group to the general public.


Meg Alonso, VMD, President LVVMA
Steve Milheim, VDM, Vice President LVVMA
Kerrianne Hanlin, DVM, Secretary-Treasurer LVVMA